Why Women Should Hire Luxury Private Car Services Over Traditional Ride Services

With traditional ride services, women are often more at risk than men of getting into dangerous situations, whether they wind up with an unsafe driver or mistake another vehicle for their ride and end up riding with someone with less than good intentions. However, women don’t need to worry when hiring private car services that hire qualified and vetted drivers who work to keep every passenger safe and comfortable.

The following are some of the key reasons why women should consider hiring private car services instead of using traditional ridesharing services.

You Won’t Be Riding with a Stranger in Their Vehicle

When ordering a ride on a ridesharing app, there’s never any certainty as to what you’ll be getting. In most cases, drivers may be safe and eager to provide customers with a comfortable experience, but there’s no guarantee they will. One study that CNN published in 2018 found that 103 U.S. Uber drivers had been accused of abusing or sexually assaulting passengers within the previous four years. Additionally, a minimum of 31 drivers have been convicted of false imprisonment, forcible touching, rape, and other serious crimes.

With luxury private car services, a good company will vet all drivers to make sure they’re never a stranger to them or their customers. Drivers are qualified and properly trained to provide the best possible experience for every passenger with a company car, which can help significantly increase passengers’ comfort levels. In turn, you’ll never need to be concerned about riding with a shady driver working for a company that doesn’t properly vet them. You’ll also never need to worry about getting in the wrong car, as a company car and driver from a reliable service will make it clear what to look for when they arrive.

Never Get Left Behind with a Cancelled Ride

In some cases, riders get stranded by drivers with ridesharing services if they’re traveling a short distance or into a neighborhood that’s less profitable for the driver. Drivers may simply cancel the trip and request the passenger to exit the vehicle, essentially leaving them stranded.

The reason for this is that drivers can pocket cancellation fees for rides, which is often more profitable than driving a short distance. For example, a driver may travel a long distance to pick up a customer, only to discover that the destination is only a few miles away. However, a driver might drop off the fare early if they’re going into a location where they don’t expect to see another pickup requested. The latter situation often happens when drivers pick people up from the airport. Instead of driving to the passenger’s neighborhood, the driver may simply drop them off shortly after leaving the airport and attempt to get back in line in hopes of getting another more lucrative opportunity.

This practice is not only unethical, but it can also leave passengers alone in potentially dangerous areas. Using a luxury private car service, customers can avoid this situation entirely. Drivers are always dedicated to picking up and dropping off customers at their designated destinations, regardless of the distance.

These are simply a few of the main reasons why women are better off hiring a reliable luxury transportation service over conventional ridesharing services. With the right company such as Flagstaff Car, you’ll be able to experience rides that are far safer and more comfortable.

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